7 November 2014

Nice to meet you, I'm the crazy pigeonless lady

There are a couple of things I've found out since I arrived in Regensburg. First of all, get rid of the stereotype that Germans are punctual. Especially those I came across certainly aren't for I've done quite a lot of waiting...just to wait some more...
Secondly, are they really that well-organized? Okay, to some extend yes. They are really into lists and info sheets. However, I don't want to be too harsh on them and let's be honest, Bavaria is kinda different from the rest of Germany. And that's what I like about it.

There is space to express yourself and bring in a bit of your own culture. As the mayor himself stressed: only when Regensburg is international it functions properly. Apparently, we should rather stay and keep it up!

Time flies like an arrow: I've just realised it's been 6 weeks since I left my hometown. Thinking back of the first days really makes me laugh. It sometimes felt like: what the hell?! what am I...? I don't even...No, I'm not Czech. Slovakia is not Slovenia. Yes, indeed we are a member of the EU! Do I need to...? Who am I supposed to ask? etc. After finding the way to the International Office and being told I'm staying in the same dorm like last year I was doing my happy dance! After climbing four floors and finding a huge and extremely messy pigeon party taking place on my balcony my smile froze...Endless thanks to you, mum and dad, for your moral and technical support and for being professional pigeon bouncers! Anyways, the pigeons are gone and so far my anti-pigeon barrier works, so talk to my hand, dear feathered friends.

Apart from waiting and warring against pigeons I've been doing a lot of walking. It always helps me to clear my mind but also enjoy the environment I'm in, which I quite frankly often forget to do at home. Autumn has been very generous so far offering beautiful sceneries, colourful leaves, and calming mists. We'll see what winter is preparing for us. 

 Meeting new people is another exciting part of being away. Technically speaking "you could be anybody". They have no idea about your past, about who you are. But I personally always end up being myself (unable to put on a mask just to have a bigger "fan club" or something) and I think that's the way it should be.

To sum up my Erasmus stay so far: numerous interesting people met, many new words and expressions learnt, one marriage proposal (repeated a few times) rejected, impressive places and sights visited, fun nights spent outside, dozens of photos taken, lazy afternoons tucked in bed, gratefulness for such an opportunity expressed...The train keeps rolling and there is more to come :-)

Last but not least, I can finally repay the hospitality I was blessed with lately! So any traveller or adventurer is welcome in my cosy and absolutely pigeon-free room. Actually have you seen my party balcony?

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